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How To Buy Quality Upholstery

How to buy quality upholstery

A home is where you spend most of your time. Creating a home that is well kept, nicely designed and comfortable is the key to an enjoyable lifestyle. It’s no surprise decorating a home gets expensive and so does the maintenance. Upholstery is something that gives our home instant gratification. So how exactly do you buy quality upholstery?

Inspect the build

A good upholstery product will be built to last. When inspecting the construction you should consider the frame construction, seat construction and the suspension system. A high-quality piece should be built with hardwood or laminate, glued and corner blocked. Most high-quality pieces will be covered under some sort of warranty. Seat cushions should be exactly what you expect a high-quality seat to be- comfortable and high-density foam. Suspension systems should be built with a spring system rather than rubber.

How was the piece built?

Hight quality furniture is usually custom made and built on a bench rather than on a production line. When furniture is built on a bench, an upholsterer works the piece start to finish. This takes time and of course will be more expensive, but this furniture will be built to last, and it will be a very long time before something breaks or ages.

Consider fabric

The type of fabric that is used will ultimately determine the quality of the product. A high-quality piece will be attractive and durable. There are many options to consider for upholstery fabric and it is important to pick one that is easy to maintain.

High quality furniture should last you 15 years. Most home owners go with the most affordable furniture but sometimes, its not always the best decision. Furniture that is inexpensive Is inexpensive for a reason, it is typically poorly built and difficult to maintain which means you will need to replace it every so often.

Deep cleaning is a service that is recommended for every home and it is suggested that people have a deep cleaning service in their home for their upholstery at least once a year to maintain their furniture and flooring. If you purchase a low-quality piece of furniture, it isn’t worth deep cleaning if you are going to spend a couple hundred dollars to replace it soon anyway. Buying high quality furniture isn’t easy for everyone and most people do not have the money to fork out at any given time to buy good upholstery. We recommend saving money if you know you will need new furniture at some point. You will be happy you saved when you have a good piece of furniture that will last you nearly two decades.

Pure Carpet Cleaners offers an upholstery cleaning service which we recommend at least once a year. We use a different approach than most cleaners that is guaranteed to have long lasting results. The Pure clean approach uses a low moisture upholstery cleaning process with a biodegradable, citrus based cleaning solution that has a 2 hour dry time and is safe for your furniture. If you want to learn more about how our cleaning services could help your furniture last longer, contact us today!

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