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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

The PURE clean

Pure Carpet Cleaners provides top rated commercial carpet cleaning Atlanta business trust again and again. We use a low moisture carpet cleaning process with a biodegradable, citrus based cleaning solution that’s residue free, has a 2 hour dry time and it safe for your employees and colleagues. So, unlike your typical steam cleaners, we won’t leave your carpets soaking wet for 24 hours, which can actually cause mold to grow within the carpet and padding. Our low moisture process & equipment provide a thorough deep clean without forcing soap or water behind the carpets backing. One of the other problems with typical steam cleaners is that they can’t remove all of the detergent that they force into the carpet, which means that the carpet fibers will remain sticky from the residue, actually attracting MORE dirt, and causing your carpets to re-soil. We kinda like to compare it to washing your hair and not rinsing out all of the shampoo you would have sticky hair that gets dirty faster! Or, it’s like dry cleaning your clothes. you send your fine clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid the damage done by soap and water, which is why people chose us over steam cleaners.

The PURE Approach

Our low moisture cleaning process:

  • We begin with a pre-inspection walk through with the technician on site. This allows you to show the technician any specific areas of concern, and allows him to learn about the natural traffic patterns within your office space.
  • We then will pre-treat your carpets focusing on the heavily soiled areas.
  • Pre-treatment is followed by specialized spot removal on any individual stubborn stains that might require special attention.
  • Next, we spray the entire carpeted areas with our citrus based cleaning solution.
  • After dampening the carpet fibers, we perform a deep cleaning with our industrial carpet cleaning equipment, which activates the solution and lifts the soil, debris and stains out of the carpet.
  • We then finish up by using our hospital grade, triple heap filtered, industrial vacuum, which captures any of the remaining dirt o debris, and also reduces allergens.

There is only a 1-2 hour drying time because we don’t drench your carpet or rugs with unnecessary water.

Pure Carpet Cleaners provides top rated commercial carpet cleaning services that offers efficient cleaning with only 2 hour dry time. This allows you to run your business with no down time. Browse our website for more information on our carpet cleaning, or for more information contact us.

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