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How To Get Your Home Thanksgiving Ready (And Impress Even The Most Critical Family Members)

How to Get Your Home Thanksgiving Ready (And Impress Even the Most Critical Family Members)

If you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at your home this year for friends and family, you’ve got a busy week ahead of you. You have probably spent the last month putting up decorations, and between grocery shopping and other small errands, you’ve got little time to spare. The most important job that needs to get done right now is a good cleaning. But wait- how are you going to get this done when you’re running around doing other errands? Here is a little guide to keep you on time and organized.

One Week Before

With a week until Thanksgiving, you have some time on your hands to make sure everything gets done. On this day, you should do a good walkthrough of your home and determine what needs to get cleaned or organized. By doing so, you’ll be able to schedule any necessary appointments. For example, if you have some awful carpet stains, you have enough time to schedule an appointment before your guests arrive. (Tip: Three days before is a great day to get this scheduled for).

Four Days Before

Sunday is four days before the big day, and it’s a day that most people have free. Since kitchens can take quite some time to clean, you’ll want to use this day to scrub. Countertops and even kitchen cabinets can get very dirty. You might not notice some stains on the cabinets until you get close, but once you get into wiping them down, you’ll be happy you did so, and the difference will be obvious. Also be sure to clean any dishware and silverware that you will be using. Washing dishes the day of can become overwhelming.

Three Days Before

Most hosts are very busy this Monday. Everywhere that was closed on the weekend is now open, and you want to avoid going out the day before the holiday. Since you’ll be away from your home, this is a great day to have your carpets cleaned. It’s also perfect timing because it’s close enough to the holiday that it will still look fresh and clean for when your guests arrive on Wednesday or Thursday.

When you are cleaning your carpets, be sure to choose a company that uses natural-based citrus solutions. You really want to focus on setting the holiday tone, and you don’t want your home smelling like bleach and cleaning supplies while the turkey is cooking in the oven.

Two Days Before

Two days before Thanksgiving is really the time to do all your last-minute cleaning. The day of and the day before, you will most likely be cooking and preparing the dining room. Be sure to dust any areas and wipe down any countertops. If you have guests, make sure the beds are all fluffed up and ready for a good night’s sleep for your guests.

Thanksgiving Day

Relax and enjoy family time! That’s what the holiday is all about, right? You don’t want to spend the entire time cleaning. For help around your house to ensure your carpets look good as new and smell even better, contact Pure Carpet today and prepare yourself for the perfect holiday with your guests!

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