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8 Important Reasons Why You Need Carpet Cleaning All Year

8 important reasons why you need carpet cleaning all year

Just like your dentist knows you don’t floss after every meal, we know that most of our customers only clean their carpet when the stains get out of hand, when family comes to visit, or maybe a couple of times a year. Vacuuming is better than nothing, but it does not substitute for the benefits of regular carpet cleaning all year. Let’s count the ways.

1. Easier upkeep

The majority of soiling in your carpet is made up of dry dirt. Keeping your carpets on a regular cleaning schedule makes it easier for those dry soils to be removed with standard vacuuming.

2. Air quality

Along with ordinary dirt and stains, carpets also trap allergens and airborne contaminants that are eventually released into the air with foot traffic. Regular cleaning removes those toxins and allergens, keeping your indoor air quality at optimum levels.

3. Vermin be gone!

Regular carpet cleaning sucks out and evacuates the blood-sucking vermin that are trying to make your carpet their home.

4. Out dang spots

Just like the dry soils, spots and stains have a tendency to expand and have a party with any other dirt they can attract. The sooner these spots are removed, the less opportunity they have to get worse.

5. Mood lifter in the workplace

Wait…what? You didn’t just think we were talking about home carpet cleaning, did you? Offices consider carpeting a necessity for keeping noise levels under control. When those carpets get dirty and dingy, it takes its toll on the morale without them even knowing it? If you want to see the difference, observe the mood when the employee force returns and the carpets are clean and bright.

6. Upgrade the presence

Just as the atmosphere can be lifted in the workplace, spotless carpets speak highly of the cleanliness of the home or office, too. Think of it this way. A home can be clean as a pin, but if the carpet is soiled and stained, it just ruins the whole effect. On the opposite side, fresh and spotless carpet yields much forgiveness as other imperfections are overlooked.  

7. Expand the life of your carpet

Carpeting and rugs have a limited shelf-life, so it makes sense to extend their life if we can. Regular carpet cleanings not only keep your carpet looking and feeling like new, but they also keep your carpet in new condition. There comes a time where extended soiling becomes more and more challenging to remedy.

8. Satisfies your carpet’s warranty

This detail might catch some of you by surprise. Many of today’s carpet manufacturers have a condition built into the carpet durability guarantee that it be cleaned on a defined frequency schedule. If your carpeting Is a year or less old, be sure to dig up that warranty paperwork to make sure you comply.

Pure carpet cleaning is here to help you keep your carpets, clean and your air fresh with our eco-friendly natural citrus solution that is safe for your babies and pets. Set your appointment easily online today.

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