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How to maintain your carpets in between your professional cleanings

How often are you cleaning your carpets? Most recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice per year. If you have pets and small children, you will probably want to have your carpets deep cleaned more two times a year. 

Keep in mind that quality is more important than frequency. If you have your carpets cleaned by Pure Carpet once or twice a year, you can count on the carpet maintaining its cleanliness longer because of the Pure Approach we take. If you’re like most people, you will be in awe of how clean and fresh your carpets are, and you will want to keep it clean for as long as you can! Here are some tips to help you maintain your carpets in between your professional cleanings:

 Vacuum floors often

Your carpets hide a lot of debris between those fibers. Some of this debris includes dust, crumbs, pet hair, dead skin cells and other allergens that you cannot see with the human eye. The rule is you should be vacuuming at least once a week. Some people even follow the heartbeat rule: for every heartbeat in your house, you should vacuum that many times a week. So, if you and your spouse live in your home with a child, you should be vacuuming three times a week. Three times a week may seem like a bit much but think about maintaining your fresh, clean carpet!

Avoid stains 

We’ve all been there: dropped a glass of red wine on our perfectly white carpet or have had a child spill juice on the carpets. These types of stains are inevitable (or otherwise known as mistakes) but certain stains are avoidable by taking precautionary measures, especially when it comes to children and their favorite snacks. Whichever the stain and whatever the reason, address new stains immediately. 

Shoe policy

Several Americans have no shoe policies in their house. To some, this might seem like a habit only a neat freak would have, but those who do have no shoe policies have the cleanest carpets. Shoes track all kinds of dirt from the outside through your home, even if you can’t see it. Not only do shoes track mud and dirt but they can bring in grass, pollen, and other allergens that seep into your carpet. If you appreciate your clean carpet, incorporate this policy into your home.

If you can’t get on board with the no-shoe policy, a mat in the entryway of your home will do. This mat will prevent a lot of the mud and dirt from making its way into your home. 

Pure Carpet Cleaners: Freshening up your carpets

Take a look around your home. Is your carpet in bad shape? How long has it been since your last cleaning? It’s never too late to freshen it up with a good deep clean. 

At Pure Carpet, we use a low moisture carpet cleaning process with a biodegradable, citrus-based cleaning solution that’s residue-free. The dry time is only two hours, and it safe for your family and pets. So, unlike your typical steam cleaners, we won’t leave your carpets soaking wet for 24 hours, which can cause mold to grow within the carpet and padding. Our low moisture process and equipment provide a thorough deep clean without forcing soap or water behind the carpet’s backing.

Schedule your cleaning with Pure Carpet Cleaners today!

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