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3 Awesome Lemon Cleaning Hacks

3 Awesome Lemon Cleaning Hacks

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Clean your house with them! Lemons are a key ingredient in our kitchen. They add flavor to any meal and have excellent nutritional benefits. What you may or may not know is they are also handy when it comes to cleaning. We are sharing a few helpful ways that you can use lemons to clean your home.

Clean the microwave

If you are like most people that use their microwave, you will notice it becomes dirty quite often. With the help of one lemon and some water, your microwave can look and smell brand new. To create the cleaning mixture, add one cup of water to a bowl, cut the lemon in half, squeeze it and discard it into the bowl. Microwave for three minutes until the water comes to a boil and let the mixture sit for five minutes. By letting the mixture sit, the mess in your microwave will become loosened and easier to clean. Then, wipe the inside of the microwave down. Any spots that are difficult to get off you can use a towel and scrub the area. If you have been avoiding cleaning your microwave, this is a quick and easy way to clean it up.

Remove Stains From Counter-tops

Every counter-top is different, but sometimes stains soak in, and you think they are there to stay. Thanks to lemons, counter-top stains can come right up. This simple mixture can even fix those horrible wine stains on butcher block counter-tops that are difficult to clean. First, sprinkle salt over the area. Then, cut the lemon in half, squeeze it onto the counter-top and using the pulp side of the lemon, scrub the area. If the stain does not come up, leave it overnight and in the morning, wipe it off with a warm wash cloth.

Clean the Garbage Disposal

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and noticed an awful smell but couldn’t identify where it came from? If it’s not your trash or refrigerator, the next place you will want to check is the garbage disposal. How does one clean the garbage disposal? Start by plugging your sink and filling it with hot water. Next, add some dish soap and turn on the disposal. Then throw some ice cubes and kosher salt down the disposal and grind up some lemons.  This method will help to get any gunk that is stuck in the disposal and use lemons to freshen the smell. Say goodbye to the stinky disposal!

As you can see, lemons are a great cleaning supply. Not only do they help to remove tough spots, but they smell a lot better and are safer for those in your home. That is why Pure Carpet uses a citrus based cleaning solution. Our cleaning solution is safe for your family and pets and leaves your home smelling fabulous! If you notice your carpet is not looking up to standards, give us a call. Your carpet will look (and smell) good as new.

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