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The Ultimate Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Whether you are a classic procrastinator or the victim of a last-minute invitation to a party, you’re on task to find a gift NOW. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to find the perfect gift at the last minute.

Customize a bottle of wine

Whether it’s a bottle wine or aged scotch, take your gift a step further with a little personalization. For less than $7, you can download a customized label to add to your bottle for a personal touch. Check out the Invitalia shop on Etsy for the full selection of designs.

Troll social media for the best photo and capture that moment

People add pictures to their social media and often skip the step of getting a version to enjoy offline. Dig into your recipient’s social media or your own phone for a photo of the two of you or one memorializing a special event in their life. Upload the photo to a print center and add a frame for a wonderfully personalized gift!

Instant camera – teens will love!

Instant cameras are making a comeback as a throwback from the Polaroid days. Fujifilm Mini 9 instant camera is an immediate hit for teens and tweens.

Gift subscriptions for every taste and flavor

Gift subscriptions can keep on giving, from one to twelve months of your recipient’s favorite things. Options are endless, from beer and cigars to wine and butter (yes, butter). Even toiletries and other personal items come in gift subscriptions. Even though the purchase is fast, your selection of subscription makes it very personal and thoughtful. Make your purchase, print a certificate, and get a lovely card to bundle it together. DONE!

Nearly homemade

Jars of baking ingredient kits are always fun, and they start with a simple mason jar. Find a cookie or quick bread recipe online and add the dry ingredients to the jar. If you’re really in a hurry, your secret is safe with us if you open a box of brownie mix and add it in. Give it some enhancements with extra walnuts and chocolate chips. Kids love the cocoa kits, complete with extra marshmallows. Make a card and attach it with ribbon or print a personalized label with instructions to finish the job.

If you’ve got a domestic streak about you, the suggestion of abundance is for you. As you begin your baking and candy-making campaign for friends, coworkers, and family, make a few more of everything. That way, you have a go-to kit for those last-minute gifts. 

Nobody will expect this! The ultimate party host gift

Anyone throwing a holiday party is bound to finish the night with some new stains and soiling on their carpet. Some may be wine or holiday punch. Another carpet soiling comes from the pitter-patter of large and tiny feet during the party, through the snowy and muddy weather, and more festive activities through New Years’. Imagine their surprise to receive a gift of clean carpets scheduled right after all of the holiday cheer calms down. You can book online in just a minute!

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