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Tips For Using Natural Products To Clean Your Kitchen

Tips for Using Natural Products to Clean Your Kitchen

Our homes are places that are meant to be comfortable, and to be comfortable they need to be clean. As you go to the store to gather cleaning supplies, most people are going to buy the most affordable, and  what seems to be effective, options. But have you ever thought about what is in those supplies you use and how it effects the quality of your home and family’s health?

Whether you hire a cleaning business to maintain your home, or you clean your home on your own, taking the time to research the products that will be used in your environment is worth it. Most cleaning supplies are made up of chemicals that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. As cleaning experts who use powerful products regularly, we have a few suggestions on how you can clean your home, specifically your kitchen, with natural products.

Eco-Friendly Products

Are you irritated by the smell of cleaning products? Eco-friendly cleaning products are made with natural essential oils that not only leave your home clean, but also smelling good.

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies help to reduce pollution to our waterways and the air which minimizes your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer chemicals. The cleaning products that are mostly used today have harmful chemicals that are released into the air. When you inhale these chemicals, they get absorbed into your body. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies will prevent your family from absorbing those toxic chemicals.

Use a lemon and some salt to clean any cutting boards and wooden surfaces in your kitchen rather than something potentially harmful such as bleach. Simply sprinkle the salt on any wooden surface then use a cut-in-half lemon to scrub. Let it sit for a few minutes, scrape it off and then rinse with a clean, wet rag.

Using What Is In Your Pantry

If cleaning supplies that fit your budget are important to you, you will be glad to know that you can clean with stuff that’s already in your pantry. Vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and many more supplies can do the trick. Using what you already have or buying lemons for less than a dollar will save you money on cleaning supplies that will be harmful to your health.

In fact, citrus peels that would otherwise be thrown away can be turned into an effective, non-toxic cleaning product! Whether you have lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange peels, throw them all into a large container and cover with vinegar. Whatever container you use should be half full with peels. Then cover and let sit for two weeks. After this time, strain the mixture into a bowl, discard the peels and pour into a bottle for all-purpose cleaner! You can even add in herbs such as rosemary or thyme for an extra special smell.

Investing in A Service That Uses High Quality Products

If you don’t already, investing in a deep cleaning service is a game changer when it comes to cleaning your home. By having a professional clean your home once in a while, you can ensure the quality of your furniture, carpets, floors, etc. will last longer. Looking for someone specifically for your rugs, upholstery and carpets?

 Pure Carpet Cleaners uses all natural, eco-friendly products that are used as effective degreasers to clean the fibers in upholstery fabrics and all piles of carpets and rugs. In addition, our products are safe for your pets and family. If you have an infant or small child that remains close to the floor, you can rest assured that they are breathing in clean, chemical-free air.

There are many other options to clean your kitchen with other than the chemical-packed products on store shelves. Take some time to research chemical-free alternatives to whatever cleaning project you are tackling. Your health will thank, and if you have pets or kids you can rest easy knowing there will be no harmful effects to them. At Pure Carpet Cleaners, we care about our customers, their homes, and their overall health. To learn more about our cleaning process and the supplies we use, talk to an expert today.

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