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How To Keep Your Floors And Furniture Clean With Pets

How to Keep Your Floors and Furniture Clean with Pets

Pet owners, there is one thing we can all agree on: living with pets is messy. They shed, sometimes they have an accident inside, things are easily knocked over and spilled when they run around causing stains in your floors and furniture…but at the end of the day we can’t help but love them! Living with pets doesn’t have to be a disaster. There are many ways you can prevent a mess in your home from your fur babies.

When it comes to pets, your floors and furniture are more than likely to catch the mess from them. That is why it is so important as pet owners to invest in a good clean occasionally, so you can have long lasting carpet and furniture. At Pure Carpet Cleaners, we offer a carpet cleaning service unlike the others. Most cleaners leave your floor damp, taking up to a day for your carpet to dry. Not only do we know how uncomfortable it is, but mold is able to grow from wet areas in your floor. Our low moisture process and equipment provide a deep clean that will leave your home smelling refreshed, comfortable and spotless. Our carpet cleanses will get all the dirt and fur out of the carpet, leaving it looking and feeling brand new!

Is your rug covered in spots that you’re convinced will never come out? We recommend trying out pet stain removal process. After a pre-inspection to identify any areas of concern, we pre-treat your carpets focusing on the heavily soiled areas. From there, specialized spot removal is applied on any stubborn stains that require special attention. We then continue with our low moisture process, leaving your carpet looking and feeling brand new without the 24-hour dry period!  

If your pet thinks they are one of us humans, they probably like to jump up on furniture and lay with you. If you go without upholstery cleaning, there is a good chance your furniture will wear out quick causing you to spend the money on new furniture, which you’ll keep having to replace time after time. Have you ever considered the amount of dirt, germs and fur your pet brings onto your furniture? To have long lasting furniture, pet owners should occasionally use an upholstery cleaning service. Not only will it keep your furniture in better condition, but it will keep your home looking clean and fresh.

Although a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is necessary with pets and will get the job done like no other, regularly vacuuming can prevent a lot of fur and dirt from getting caught up in your home. We recommend having your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year but between that time we suggest keeping up with typical cleaning duties.

Living with a pet doesn’t have to be so messy after all. To learn more about our services or other ways we can help to maintain your home, visit Pure Carpet Cleaners Website.

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