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Move-out Inspection Guide

Move-out Inspection guide

When the time comes for you to move out of your rental, it is guaranteed to be a busy time. In addition to packing everything up and moving it into your new home, you have to pass a move-out inspection. A move-out inspection is the end of the rental agreement, ensuring that renters do not leave a property in bad condition when they vacate. The results from the move-out inspection help determine if any of the renter’s security deposit will go towards cleaning ane repairs or refunded back to the renter. If the home is left damaged or dirty, the landlord is left to make it ready for the next occupants. The end result is you could end up losing your security deposit as well as other charges to recoup the damages.

We have put together a checklist for renters and landlords alike to follow when it comes time to move out of a rental:


Once your furniture and other items are removed from the home, it can be frightening. The carpet and flooring should be free of debris and any new stains (even if they are small.) You want carpets to be good as new because if it was determined in the move-out inspection that the carpets are destroyed, it could cost you tons of money beyond your deposit.

Tip: After a thorough vacuuming, book a cleaning with Pure Carpet Cleaners. Pure Carpet Cleaners will leave the carpet looking good as new and it will smell good too! Rather than get fined with cleaning fee’s, save yourself the money and impress the inspectors with a clean carpet and a fresh, clean aroma!


Many tenants get fined for damage to the walls. Inspectors are looking for any holes, stains, or dents. Before the inspection, patch up any holes from hanging décor on the walls and scrub any stains off. Spackling compound is inexpensive, or some white toothpaste works wonders for filling small holes. In some cases, tenants have to repaint the walls if it is severely damaged.


The ceilings should be free of any new stains.


Inspectors will check for any cracks or damage to the door. Also, make sure all doors open and close properly.


All windows should open, close, and lock properly. If you have screens on the windows, you will want to make sure they don’t have any tears.


All window coverings should open and close properly and be in good condition.


Everything is removed from the closet and the walls, floor, and doors are all in good condition.

Light Fixtures:

All light fixtures are in place without any damage.


All electrical outlets should be in working condition.


All lightbulbs should be in place and working correctly. If not, replace bulbs before the inspection.


  • Items are removed from both the freezer and refrigerator and it is clean without any stains.
  • Dishwasher is clean and functional
  • Oven is cleaned
  • Stove burners and drip pans are cleaned
  • Cabinets are empty and clean
  • Sinks are clean and garbage disposal empty
  • All food and supplies removed
  • Garbage and debris removed


  • Tub/shower is clean
  • Toilet is clean
  • Sinks are clean
  • Medicine cabinet is clean
  • No garbage or debris

This checklist is similar to what your inspector will have on hands. The inspector will have comments from before your move-in date and will compare it to the condition during move out day. Follow this guide and avoid any additional move out fees! If you need a deep carpet cleaning once you remove all furniture, remember to call Pure Carpet Cleaners so we can save you money during your move out inspection!

Download and print our free move out checklist below!

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