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3 Spring Cleaning Tips Most People Miss but are Necessary

It’s that time of year again! The flowers and trees are beginning to bloom, and we are about to finally say hello to some warmer days! At the end of winter, most people do a deep cleanse of their homes to pick up after the holidays. You also want to clean up the snowy and rainy mess that might have been tracked in through the house. 

How many times a year do you go all out when it comes to cleaning your home? If you are like most people, this spring-cleaning session might only take place once a year, but since that’s likely the case, it’s the perfect reason to put in extra effort while cleaning and scrubbing. For several people, an entire day or weekend spent cleaning is not their idea of fun. That’s why we have put together a list of spring-cleaning tips, so you won’t miss a spot!

Curtains and blinds:

Since we don’t have much interaction with our windows or blinds, it’s easy to forget to clean them. After all, it’s not like we touch them all the time. How can they become so dirty? Well, the truth is, if you go months without dusting your blinds, it could be a frightening step. Truthfully, blinds and curtains should be a part of your monthly cleaning but if it’s not, you must be sure to pay extra attention to it during spring cleaning!


On a daily basis, we don’t have time to take everything out of our refrigerator to properly scrub the inside of the appliance. At least once a year, you should be emptying out your fridge, getting rid of any expired products and scrubbing any gunk that might be left in the fridge. If you skip this task, your fridge could look pretty nasty years down the road!

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that it is recommended you have your carpet deep cleaned at least once a year? Twice if you have animals or small children! You might think skipping this step is fine. Looking at your carpet after a good vacuum might look perfectly clean to you. But what’s under the carpet cannot be seen with the human eye. Dead skin cells, bacteria, and other allergens are beneath the carpet that only a deep clean can get up. If you have any small stains a deep cleaning session can get rid of those stains, too. A carpet cleaning is so much more important than making your home look clean, it helps to keep your family healthy!

Pure Carpet: Making your home flawlessly clean this Spring

If you have not had your carpets cleaned in over a year, now is the perfect time! At Pure Carpet, our pure approach will leave your carpet flawlessly clean and safe for your friends and family. Do yourself a favor and don’t skip this step this Spring cleaning! Your carpet will look good as new. Book online today!

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